Smart Bluetooth Scales "TITAN ELECTRONICS"
          Perfection and harmony of your body is a simple task for the flawless scales from Titan Electronics. The ability to calculate the body mass index will always allow you to keep fit and respond quickly to any changes in the body.
          Syncing with your phone
          Convenient synchronization with the phone via Bluetooth.
          4 highly sensitive sensors
          4 Measure 2 main indicators: body weight and BMI.
          Stylish control
          Functional and minimalist design. Anti-slip feet.
          Smart diagnostic Scales "TITAN ELECTRONICS"
          Multifunctional and reliable, framed in a laconic and minimalist glass case. Maximum accuracy, ease of use, BMI calculation – Your companion to the ideal body and additional motivation at the right time.
          Syncing with your phone
          Instant convenient synchronization with the phone. Informative graph of changes in the qualitative characteristics of the body.
          Measure 14 indicators
          Body weight / Standard Weight/ Body Fat / Body Water / BMI / Bone Mass /Muscle Mass / Visceral Fat and others
          High-quality materials
          Invisible LED display of the latest generation
          Ultra-sensitive ITO glass
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